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Servicing All Blast Equipment
From Multi-wheel Structural Machines To Hand cabinets

Service contracts are scheduled service calls, of which frequency and duration depend on age, model, usage, and overall condition of machine. A service contract can virtually eliminate costly down time and foresee larger more expensive repairs. Blast machinery is often the most neglected, as well as the most important equipment in the repair, fabrication, and coating industries. An equipment shutdown can bring production to a halt.


  • Assures optimum performance
  • Reliability - greatly reduces or eliminates breakdowns
  • Reduced labor rate
  • Repairs performed around your production schedule
  • Insures special order parts will be available when necessary - avoids overnight shipping charges
  • Safety - makes certain all guards, emergency stops, limit switches, etc. are in proper working order
  • Trains new and refreshes existing operating personnel


Every component of the blast machine, blast room, or hand cabinet, it's dust collection system(s), and auxiliary equipment is inspected - including but not limited to:

  • Elevator - inspect housing, elevator belt, buckets, splice, and tracking, sheaves and shafts, bearings, drives, v-belts, fluids, etc.
  • Separator (mechanical) - drum, screw, bearings and shafts, hopper, screens, ducting, discharge, etc. (cyclone) - housing, fail, separator tube, debris screen, ducting, etc.
  • Blast wheel - housing, blades, impeller, control cage, liners, blast pattern, amperage, vibration check, abrasive valve, seals, etc.
  • Blast pot - pop-up, o-ring, metering valve. control valves, dead mail, hoses, nozzles, fittings, etc.
  • Work conveyor (table, tumblast, monorail, loaders, etc.) - bearings and shafts, drives. rubber mill belt. slats, links, pins, rollers, sprockets, etc.
  • Cabinet - housing, wear plates, curtains, seals, doors, etc.
  • Dust collector - housing, bags or cartridges, cleaning system and cycle, drives, bearings, blower, v-belts, vibration, manometer reading, amperage. etc.
  • Electrical - functions, timers, relays, amperage checks, limit switches, etc.
  • Auxiliary equipment - pneumatics, hydraulics, sensors, etc.

Call us for a no cost inspection and assessment of your equipment. We will discuss when and how often recommended service calls are to be performed. You will only be charged for actual time spent at each interval. We look forward to hearing from you! Contact us now >>


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